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05th Sep 2017

It’s certainly not as flashy as,say, Dubai, but sometimes, it feels like Singapore is trying to prove something; does it show off a little? Definitely, but to is credit it does have a lot to be proud of and if you have got it, flaunt it, right? Singapore has spent big bucks to have the highest this in Asia or the biggest that in the world along with so many firsts and best that it is quite natural to hear about them even in a casual conversation, there is a certain thrill to peeking into this extravagant but charming world you are on holiday after all.

Singapore‘s grand clean and extremely organized everything runs like clockwork, but it’s also a little like India’s commercial capital Mumbai in some ways, it has its financial district where you see row after row of buildings that seem to be to be reaching for the skies. It has affluent areas as well as it’s not so prosperous ones (though there is not even a hint of poverty in the city)sitting pretty on reclaimed land. There is an obvious colonial influence as well as ethnic enclaves bursting with different traditions and cultures. With its quirky boutiques, cool cafes and international buffet or Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine and buzzing nightlife, Singapore is most lively and entertaining destination in South East Asia.

One can probably do Singapore in three, maybe four days and feel quite satisfied with the trip but when you want to cover the whole Singapore with all the major activities it offer to the travelers even eight days are not enough. As a traveler you need to take your time to explore Singapore especially places like the Singapore zoo, the S.E.A Aquarium, the Singapore botanic gardens and the national museum of Singapore. Chart your course on a map and wander through it leisurely don’t rush these experiences and make sure you goon the guide walks through Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India but spend some time afterwards strolling the streets lined with colorful shop houses and eating at the local joints too with everything glamorous that the city of Singapore has to offer.  Don’t overlook what has made Singapore what it is today its history and ethnic neighborhoods are infinitely more interesting.



Science Centre Singapore

Be prepared to spend at least a few hours here enjoying the interactive exhibits and daily shows at each of the 14 galleries. It is designed to make the experience of learning with fun and bring out the curiosity in your little ones and even in you as well. Through the sound room is favorite for many travelers but there‘s also a snow city where you can enjoy playing in real snow.

Great for immersing yourself in nature -Pulau Ubin,

It might be because Singapore loves its superlatives that the small island of Pulau Ubin gets over shadowed, but it isn’t as rustic as the Singapore considers it to be.  Even though it is Singapore last village island, there ‘s so much to experience especially for kids with beautiful ecosystems like lagoons, mangroves, swamps and forest to discover wooden boardwalks bordering rocky beaches to stroll along and panoramic views from a top the viewing tower. The best way to explore the island with your family is either foot or on hired cycles and if you would like to kayak along the coast or through the mangroves’ Ubin adventure centre has you covered.


Great for money keying around Singapore zoo

We love the way Singapore zoo has been designed there isn’t a cage in sight for the most part,all that separates you from the wildlife are dry and wet moats, rock walls and streams .you can sit with the orang-utans, gaze at a polar bear flopped down next to his ice cave and feed the elephants the zoo which turned 40 this year,has over 2,800 animals in its 11 zones to keep you company . If you get tired of walking around the 26 hectares’ these creatures call home, hop on to a tram and experience the zoo at your own pace. Then head over to the river safari and don’t forget to get to the panda where you will see the cutest giant pandas kaikai and jia jia and make a stop at the squirrel monkey forest too where the little devils are free to run around you after the entertaining creatures of the night show.

Great for a magical day out resorts world Sentosa

So how do you keep your kids entertained without getting bored yourself? You take yourself to magical resorts world Sentosa. Start with a visit to the world’s largest oceanarium - the marine life park which has two section S.E.A aquarium where you can spend hours staring at jellyfish, octopus, dolphins sharks and manta-rays among 800 other species or marine life and adventure cove water park where you can get up close and pipes or snorked over a reef. The ultimate marine-en counters lets you stroll inside a giant tank at  sea trek adventure stand inches away from shark encounter wade through dozens of rays at ray bay and dive in the open ocean habitat. Next head to universal studios Singapore its seven themed zones will take at least a few hours to cover don’t miss out on the transformers the ride the ultimate 3D battle with its insane effects and the Shrek 4D adventure show.



Indoor sky diving is as close to jumping out of a plane as you can get without actually well jumping out of a plane. It doesn’t matter if you are scared of heights you will definitely enjoy this body flight experience the sheer joy of being weightless,floating in mid air is akin to none.  All you have to do is fall into the 56.5 ft wind tunnel and fly with an instructor beside you all the way on your first few dives, you don’t go very high about 6ft or 7ft above the net and there really isn’t any danger at all, so enjoy and have great fun here.


The areas of Ann Siang hill and Clarke Quay really come alive at night even on weekdays, One can spend a really fun evening at club street on Ann Siang hill (a short walk from china town) which is closed for traffic from 7pm onwards. Tables brimming with people flood the street and there are so many watering holes to choose from that you will have to be a magician to choose the best one among many famous seating joints. Clarke Quay comes highly recommended too especially by the locals. it‘s located along the Singapore river so pick an open –air pub and you well get a good riverside view.


Mac Ritchie Reservoir Park

There are some really picturesque nature trails from Mac Ritchie Reservoir Park to the HSBC tree top walk suspension bridge that connects the two highest points at Mac Ritchie - Bukit Kalang and Bukit Pierce, and is definitely worth your walk (when there is right weather). The trails meander through thick forest and you will get past some unusual wildlife during the walk here. There are maps and directions posted everywhere so which ever trail you choose you won’t get lost.



Great for tippling at twilight Quaich bar

Pronounced quake Quaich bar will have you drooling at the sheer number of exquisite whiskies it has on display. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to truly appreciate what it has to offer. Take your time with menu - you will need it and ask the staff about the collection they will explain flavors and help you choose your drinks. From the Vintage Bowmore 44 years to the Lagavulin 16 years, you will be amazed at just how much choice there is which let you sample whisky from different regions around the world

Great dinners in the sky Singapore flyer

The 30 minute ride on the Singapore flyer is quite an experience. This is after all the world largest observation wheel standing at 165m (about 3m taller than the London eye) form the capsule, you can see the Singapore river bordered by gardens by the bay (if you are lucky, you can catch the super fast light show) the f1 circuit, esplanade the at res (all lit up at night) and all of Singapore’s iconic structures. Couples will love the romantic dinner on board the capsule with the world‘s first full butler sky dining package which includes a four course seasonal menu and two rotations on the flyer.

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Great for being wooed marina way

Everything about Marina Bay screams opulence the kind that courts the senses even if only for a short while the 3.5km waterfront promenade offers breathtaking romantic stroll along the boardwalk or treating yourselves at one of the open cafes you will surprised at how many hours you can while away here for an unmatched view of the city head upto the Sand Sky Park observation deck high up above 57 storeys of Marina Bay Sands. It looks like out over the reservoir and financial district on one side and gardens by the bay and Singapore’s harbor on the other. Go there after 5pm when it’s a little cooler when you have finally had you fill of wandering about KU DE TA a stunning rooftop bar right next to the famous deck while downing its Singapore cocktail.

Great for romance amid nature Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the bay is one of Singapore‘s relatively newer gardens but some of the plants here are the oldest you can find in the city, another example of just how much Singapore enjoys its superlatives as you enter and see three of the much talked about super trees(there are 18 altogether ). These massive manmade structures the tallest reaching 50m, were designed to add dimension to the garden the OCBC skyway at22m, connects two of them and gives you a stunning aerial view of the super tree grove and the surrounding gardens. The meadow Singapore’s largest outdoor venue is a great place to have a picnic at in the cool evenings or catch a concert while the heritage gardens display the importance of plants in Singapore’s main cultures Malay, Chinese, Indian and colonial but for us the highlights were the two domes - The Flower Dome with thousand year old olive trees from Spain and baobabs from the Mediterranean and The Cloud Forest dome with tropical plants and a dramatic man made 35m mountain and waterfall. If you want to grab a bite there are quite a few options here. You could head to the restaurant located at the top of the super trees or to pollen a Mediterranean restaurant in the Flower Dome.

There are many more hots pots which lures honeymoon couples to Singapore like Night Safari, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park, etc. visit yourself to know more.


Great of getting strung along cable skiing at ski360

Cable skiing is relatively easy on the pocket and loads of fun located at east coast parkway ski360 is Singapore‘s first cable ski and wakeboard or knee board or you can try your hand or feet at all three, all you have to do is hold on to the cables attached to an overhead system and off you go around the lagoon. It’s actually incredibly easy to balance yourself though you might falloff while turning but that’s part of the fun plus the water isn’t very deep just grab your board swim to the shore and make your way back to the starting point to have another go. The gear is included in the price and if you come unprepared, the shop sells board shorts and attire perfect for your dips.

Great for taking of flight experience Singapore

Experiencing a flight simulation may not be very high on your list of things to do, it certainly isn’t on many others, until they got their hands on the controls. The flight simulator with its extremely realistic cockpit and 180 curved HD screen has 24,000 airports to choose from you can fly the Boeing 737 with guidance from instructors all of whom are qualified commercial pilots. The 30 minute experience includes taking off and landing at two airports of your choice (our instructor suggested Hong Kong international airport, as it’s quite a challenge to land there) the 60minute experience includes flying along the route as well.

Great for an adrenaline ultimate drive

The ultimate drive is aimed at fanatics,but here’s the catch –because it is a city circuit. You can get lost in peak traffic and be stuck at a red light just like everyone else with a few bursts of speed here and there .so what is the point? Well the real thrill is the Italian super cars Ferrari f-430 spider which sends all the 490 bhp to its rear wheels or if you are feeling adventurous, the imposing 520 bhp Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. You can choose from three drives the street circuit tour, the street to freeway tour, the ultimate tour you get 20 percent of each tour if you choose to get chauffeured around by a professional driver but enthusiasts know there no fun in that. Yes it is expensive and ridiculously so. But how often do you find yourself behind the wheel of one of these babies driving on the smooth roads of Singapore’s formula track?

Fora stroll original Singapore walks

The Original Singapore Walks are perfect for discovering the history of Singapore and exploring its quaint ethnic neighborhoods. You can do SULTANS OF SPICE to walk around the Malay district of Kampong Glam. It takes you through the history between the Sultan and British, shines alight on Malay culture and also makers a stop at the Sultan mosque. Or go for The Secrets of the Red Lantern which is a Chinatown and Geylang night tour - this walk takes you in to tragic history of the prostitution rings in Chinatown before heading to Singapore ‘s legalized red–light district of Geylang.

There are plenty of things to do in Singapore and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy and we are sure a first time visitor to Singapore will visit again as the face of this amazing country keeps on changing in every few years and that is one of the best reasons for the repeat travellers to the country of Singapore.

So get ready to visit the world-famous Singapore and contact team Plan Journeys’ Singapore travel expert for more details on Singapore holiday packages and free travel guide for Singapore.

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