All You Need to Know About Sightseeing during Your Australia Vacations


27th January 2015

Quite often travelers come away with a sense of déjà vu and with limited experiences when they go on a tour. This happens when you pick a hill resort or a beach vacation. If you have been to Goa, then Kovalam will look more or less the same. There is a distinct lack of variety in terms of sights and experiences. This is where Australia differs. As you travel from South to North or from East to West,Australia offers a kaleidoscope of experiences and this is what makes your trip a non-stop extravaganza of fun and pleasure.


If you are planning on Australia vacations it is best to opt for an Australia tour package from a reputed travel agency like Plan Journeys of Noida. You want to make the most of your trip to Australia and may think of packing in a lot in a week long tour but this is a mistake. Australia offers a lot by way of beaches, out-backs, cities, farm travel, wine country exploration and exploration of wildlife. Pick only a couple or just one single theme for your holiday to Australia if you really want to enjoy and have Plan Journeys make the arrangements. For instance, you can pick Tasmania for an out of this world experience.  Hobart, as a city is delightful and is the jumping off point for visits to Bruny Islands, to coastal town of Kettering and the World Heritage site of South west National Park. The East Coast of Tasmania is home to some pristine sun kissed beaches and leads you to Maria Island from the port of St Helens or you can explore the Douglas Asley National Park with its enchanting medley of rainforests, pines and waterfalls. Another equally enchanting wilderness is the Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Once you have had your fill of nature you can enjoy a bit of city lice in Launceston.  Whatever you do forget about rushed tours that last only a couple of hours in one destination. You can hardly get any enjoyment other than sightseeing and that does not really give an in-depth experience.

A popular travel plan would get you into Sydney, let you enjoy the sights in and around the city and then take you on a scenic drive up to the Gold Coast after which you can proceed to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. A week would be less but you can spend two days at each location and really enjoy each place to the fullest.

Travel on your own is a headache so let a travel agent plan the itinerary after you pick the places. Plan Journeys manages Australia vacations and will design Australia tour packages to make your holiday an extravaganza of fun without the hassles of hotel and travel arrangements. Speaking of hotels you can of course stay in economically priced hotel rooms but a better way is to go for bed and breakfast in Australian Homes, stay in cottages or have a lovely time on an Australian sheep ranch out in Alice Springs Area or in Western Australia. Your holiday to Australia becomes so much more enjoyable and you come away with fond memories and friendships that endure.


Food is as much a part of the travel experience as is sightseeing so if this is of importance, pick a tour that takes you to Yarra country or Hunter valley where, apart from delectable wines, you get the finest in Australian culinary experiences. The same applies when you pick bed and breakfast or farm stays. For these and other details you can contact a knowledgeable person at Plan Journeys your friendly Noida based Australia tour expert.

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